Saturday, December 29, 2007

more than i can tell

standing far from the river
sight blocked by the mist
thinking this could be forever
straight ahead walk down by the street

so you now have realized
the way that i feel is anonymous
hoping that this could be for a moment
but silent makes me feel i'm the rose

thinking have i done wrong
i feel even worst
but i'm trying to be strong
just like wut people do the most

say to me, speak to me, tell me!
please take this sadness away
let go off me, free me!
cos this life is the best i may say

so now i know more than i can tell
love isn't always on the cloud
it is soft it is high but it's sequel
but still, i need it, i can't live without

Friday, December 28, 2007

noval's song bout our scul!

here in dis scul u may see
children living happily
different race, and different land
here we come to understand
one another's point of view
learning thru da things we do
how alike am i to you
here we think and try to keep
talk and laugh and sometimes creep
here we share hopes and tears
build a bridge across the years
all da people gathered free
then our children so may grow
in a world we didn't know
sharing all they have to give
learning how to love and live
in our hands the future lies
seize the moment that were flies
stamp the present with an act
dare to make our dreams a fact!

tu puisi bikinannya noval waktu dy masi skola di sic. Pernah dibawain pas acara di KBRI. Jadi, byar ni lagu ga punah gwe simpen di buku mulu, gwe tulisin ajah dsini.. ampe skrg gwe masi apal nadanya pula, padahal dah lama bgt.. hhahahha.. ok val! keep making more n' more songs!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

himitsu song.

i may never be able to let go.

things are going so fast.
i can't even open up my eyes.
every time i tried to trust,
i would be happy to yell the cries.

no matter how often i went by,
i'm hoping for you to stand by me.
but things don't go along this time,
maybe i'll just sit down and fill this diary.

at last i found
i found the one that i've been asking for
but once again,
my heart won't go along
please make me strong
by writing me this song.

i'll never be able to let go
things are going just so-so
you'll never know
i'll never let you show