Tuesday, December 25, 2007

himitsu song.

i may never be able to let go.

things are going so fast.
i can't even open up my eyes.
every time i tried to trust,
i would be happy to yell the cries.

no matter how often i went by,
i'm hoping for you to stand by me.
but things don't go along this time,
maybe i'll just sit down and fill this diary.

at last i found
i found the one that i've been asking for
but once again,
my heart won't go along
please make me strong
by writing me this song.

i'll never be able to let go
things are going just so-so
you'll never know
i'll never let you show

1 comment:

kazu182 said...

lumayan2, bkat neh kyknya xD
mungkin klo rock kren kli yah, ap slowrock kli? au ah xD

tpi kren kok ping ;D