Wednesday, March 31, 2010

pain without fingercuts

see, it's so frustrating when you come and fill my mind again,
even it's just ur voice, or only words that actually doesn't mean anything,
well it means a lot for me, it gets me thinking, it raises me with hopes,
i loved u that much,
u're still there, but i thanked God when u didn't give me any news at all,
i would've forget everything, though not all,
i haven't totally forget about u, but u came again, talking warmly, joyfully,
u know, that's what i like the most from you, ur ignorant, ur warm feeling,
hurts so much, when i know everything has changed,
you have your own, same here
it's so heartbreaking, like pain without fingercut,
like a nonstop bleeding without scar
i wanted to restart everything,
i wish i didn't know him.
i wish it was only you who came to my life,
there, i didn't want to share this,
but it's so painful, it gets even worse when i didn't have the ability to describe it,
so here i am,
my feeling is so plain right now,
i dont know what else can be done,
i only hope u're not goin to give me hope anymore,
please don't..
i'm telling you, don't ever give me that look again,