Tuesday, April 06, 2010

another delayed posting, sorry guys, i slept due to over-tiredness *sigh

haaaaa-yeumm *ki kwang B2ST style :P
okke, from now on i'll use his style to say hi and goodbyes, ^^ *ga penting

huaaah, u know, it's been a long long long and tiring day, i went to the campus at 8 and have just came back home at half past 4, -___-" it feels exactly like when i was still in MABIM, well, not that bad actually. MABIM was really tiring, it even more tiring than the lecture itself. hmm, it was worth it anyway, so i'm not gonna say it was a burden, *honestly, it IS! haha

yesterday was actually the most tiring, there was this FINAL MAPRES thing going on my campus, and i was asked to be the MC, since i didn't get to join the meeting before the day, i accepted that offer, coz i'll feel bad if i didn't do anything. u know, i'm in BEM at the department of education and profession, which until now i still don't know why i was put there, haha. but still, I thank God for what he has done to my life, ^^

it was really tiring, the thing starts at 9am, i came to my campus at 8, i was sitting in BEM doing nothing, just doing something that will make me look busy, hahahha kiddin' :P
our dekan came, and that's when I started to do the MC stuff, thank God I have experienced quite much about being an MC. I did it just like what most MC do. actually when professor Bambang came and sit at the front chair, right in front of me, my voice was shaking unconsciously, i really don't know why, he gave people that GREAT eye contact, i almost ruin the whole program!! but thank God, he asked our permission to leave the room after the opening I sighed, aaaaand my voice became normal again. professor, next time, please find another kind of eye contact, it really gave me a huge goosebumps! -_____-"

the program finished at something past 3 (jam 3 lewat gituuu) after the announcement of the winners, the lucky person was PUTRI HERLIANA or the people in my campus usually call her ORI. well, she deserves that, her English speech and Scientific presentation was gooood! even though I thought her topic wasn't as interesting as the other members (i really enjoyed the presentation from one of the candidates about the use of classical music for dental treatment in children with autism, she even played piano CANON!! the whole room was totally silent when she was playing the song, we were totally amazed by her! hahaha). anyway, CONGRATULATIONS KAK ORIIII ^^ you deserve that trophy, ^^

after closing ceremony, i directly went home. why? because i was dying for a toilet!! i stand the need of it for the whole program from 9am to 3pm!! can u imagine??? FYI, the toilet at my campus was AWFUL! it even 'sends' its terrible smell until 5 meters away from the toilet door,. i really don't know how can these people stand it!! they're all able to do their thing in this toilet?!??! WTH WTF WT..???? how can indonesian people be as dirty as egyptian people?? MOREOVER, IN THIS FAMOUS UNIVERSITY?? IN THIS HEALTH FACULTY??? ckckc, let's shake our heads!! *totally dizzy

oia, today i had my remedial exam. sorry guys, i don't wanna mention the SACRED SCORE of mine, believe me, it was the lowest ever in my entire life!!! i'm totally ashamed at myself, and really felt sorry for my parents, TT__TT" forgive me for not facing this exam seriously, i won't repeat the same mistake ever again!! i promise!! :(

the time for remedial exam came!! i really prayed all day long that the questions will be the same as the first exam which we had earlier, and do u know what came up?? IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAAAAAAAAAAMMEEE!! gyaaaaaaaaaaaa, totally shocked! coz earlier i heard that the exam paper will be changed into different ones, i almost got a heart attack! anyway, i think this time i'll have my first excellent score since i entered the college. ^^ soooo glaaaaaaaadddd..

*april 10th* i slept last time i wrote these postings above! hahahhahha,
well, since i'm no longer in the mood to continue the story, i believe i may just say goodbyes, huhu, sorry guys!

ok then, (with the one and only style B2ST'S KI KWANG)

BAAAAAAAYYYEEEEUUMM.. anyooong yoroboon, dae-eel booja.. ^^

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