Monday, May 16, 2011

@mimomi --> suddenly became a peterpan fan in the middle of his boreness lol!

hari ini gue mampir2 ke blog temen2 gue. salah satunya ini nih:
he's got a bunch of daily stories that always made me burst into laughter in the middle of the night. hahaha. sooo, i just want to share one of his latest post (which is from 3 months ago in february -- i wonder why he rarely post any stories nowadays??) -.-" come on dude! i need inspirations! :p

this time i want to repost [baca: RT] his tweets [@mimomi] around peterpan fairytale story, made into some jokes [was it to celebrate the birth of peterpan? i guess, mo?] hahah. here they are!

Growing up is a pain-in-the-arse business. I never wanna grow up, its no fun


ayman.mimo said...

this came up when i searched imimo.blogspot on google. hahaha

Fira Fauzan Ar-Razi (Majda Infiraj) said...

u shud've said thanks to me! :p