Saturday, November 26, 2011

she's fallen

November 26th, 2011

not sure what to write.
but one thing for sure is that,
i think someone's starting to fall (again)
into a new autumn breeze.

should she just be cool
like she always does?
or should she just try to be
a lil bit concerned?
for even once?

just a tiny bit concern
of spending a second or two
feeling butterflies
jumping around her shoulders

trying to make sure
that the steps would match
where they go
at the mirror
where sights meet

like an unintended moment
trying to make sure
of how the eyes
will give words
striking deep inside

not a single word
have came
even on a fallen pen
or a lost book
or a vacant seat
beside her

it doesn't matter though,
cz she's enjoying it..

*gaseumi seollae.. (n.n~)

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