Monday, August 03, 2015

it's been a while!!!!!!! im back!

Heeeyyy thereeeee!!! Oh my God this is insaneeeee it's been 4 years since the last time i wrote on this blog hahahaha man!!!! Alrite now, what we missed hereeee? Kkk Shall we talk abt how much hardships that ive been through? Kkk 알았어 일단 내 사랑 이야기 부터 얘기하자.. 아닌가? 싫다고? 알았어.. 으이구.. Well, mulai dr kegiatan gue aja deeh.. So i graduated in 2012 yaa.. Got my bachelor degree. Now my full name is Majda Infiraj, SKG. Hehe. Ive been dealing with a huge deal now eversince.. Gue koass gigi.. Sbnrnya gue males bgt pgn cerita soal ini. Many people asked me, emg biasanya koass gigi brp taun sih ping? Fyi, this is the question that i hate the most in the whole world dan segala isinya.. Kalo kt deby, demi org2 idiot di sungai Lord of the Rings. --..--" like i hate it so much, im tired of explaining to the ppl around me. Especially during reunions, or huge family events like eid or when i took my days off goin home to madura or jember. Seriously, cukup dong nanyain gue soal itu.. Sensitif nih.. It's not like i enjoy berkutat lama2 di koass gigi. Nooo absolutely no! I just got stuck doing the most uncomfortable things i hate so much.. 😢😢😢 sbnrnya ilmu dentistry gue suka2 aja. Tp ini lohh koassnya, requirements, nyari2 pasien, bayarin pasien, ngejar2 dosen utk acc kerjaaan, requirements2 yg step kerjanya puanjaaang bgt, lab gigi yg ada2 ajaaaa, pasien2 yg ga mau balik2 lg, klrg pasien yg rada rese suka mempengaruhi pasien utk ga usah balik2 lg, dosen yg sop acc nya beda2 semua, jd instead of doing what is actually true based on the book, we need to memorize every supervisor's preferences. It's like nyari jodoh, and trying to fit into their every terms and conditions. -__- it sucks like hell.. Seriously.  *sigh, tarik nafas dalem2* well, gue lg usaha skrg spy bs lulus yudisium akhir taun ini dan wisuda sumpah dokter the upcoming february.. Aaamiiiinnn yaa Rabb.. Ive had enough.. 😂 Abis lulus? Option gue byk. Gue pgn ptt di luar jawa. Tp mama ga blhin, jd gue buat plan b : ambil master degree scholarship abroad. Berhubung gue udah capeeee bgt sm yg namanya "requirements", gue pgn s2 keilmuan aja. Either forensic odontology, oral medicine, atauuu microbiology. Kl yg research2 gt boleh lah gue msh suka.. 😼 After s2? Tujuan tertinggi gue pgn bgt gabung di united nations. Pengeeeennnn bgtt.. It's gonna be super cool! 😎😎😎 Okay now, enough with my educational thingy. Now, im gonna tell you how ive been doing with my love life. 😊❤💘😖😂😢😽😜😂😒😢😞😤😩😅😭😓😨😥😂😆😖💞 nahh begitulah kira2 situasinya. Hahahaha. So, imma tell you everything abt it in the upcoming posts. I just cant spoil every single detail here rite? ㅋㅋㅋ Okay then, see you later alligator! 😝😝😝

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